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Roxanna Varinia Knaap, I was born in 1985 and I’m a digital artist based in The Netherlands. From an early age I always loved to create and visualise what I perceived in the world around me. I tried many professions that would soothe my need to be creative. I’ve been a fashion stylist, a make-up artist and still work as a graphic designer. And with hobbies there was even more choice like drawing, painting, encaustic art, photography, writing, making collages and moodboards. Now it’s time for my truest artistry, digital photo styling. It all came together. It's everything I love to do combined into one profession! Happy happy, joy joy!

But life wasn’t always as happy and joyful… For a long time I lived in a very dark place, created by all the unhappy stories I told myself. I felt so lost and didn't know how and where to find the light. Until I realised that the light had always been there, all along. Because even in my darkest hours there was always a flickering of hope that made me hold on. I feel this is what my art shows, the light within, and without the darkness. 

When creating my art I can explore the deepest realms of my heart and soul and what I discovered was that there was so much hope, strength, courage and love to find, deep within. The pain, the fear, the sadness and despair were only choices, made within the mind. True happiness is what lies behind those darkest feelings, it's just hidden because of our unwillingness to see. Otherwise how was I able to recognise that dark place? There had to be light present as well, because you can't see darkness without seeing light first. And so the light can always be found if you choose to, because life is nothing more than the stories we tell ourselves. 

With love,

Roxanna Varinia

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