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“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.” ~ Frida Kahlo

My art visualizes the powerful women who live within us. The muses that inspire and guide us. Those who remind us of our strength, beauty and wisdom. Those who know who they are and what they are worth. Women who have liberated themselves from the dark and let their inner light shine fully.

Are you curious about that powerwoman inside of you? With a questionnaire and personal interview I will receive a visualization that I digitally work out for you in Photoshop. Then layer by layer, the visual story that she has to tell you intuitively arises. When I create her, she will also have a message that I will write down for you.

I myself was stuck in the dark for a long time until my muses showed me the light and strength that was hidden deep within me. And I wish for you the same, so that you can fully be who you are meant to be, because everything is already inside of you! You don't have to become anyone anymore, you just have to be yourSelf.

I can give you a visual helping hand by creating your personal muse. She will inspire you to come back to your own inner strength. Be who you are and own it! Love yourself, that's where true happiness lies! 💖

Price: 395 euros

What is included in this?

✨ a personalized, unique work of art

✨ questionnaire to awaken your muse

✨ possibility to use your own photo

✨ an introductory and evaluation meeting

✨ the message of the muse

Curious about your muse?

Send an email art@roxannavarinia.nl or use the contact form.

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